Abdullah Ibn Zubair radhiallahu anhu

Abdullah Ibn Zubair radhiallahu anhu is a Sahaabi. His father was Zubair Ibn Awwam radhiallahu anhu, one of the Ashara Mubashara and the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam’s cousin, and his mother was Asma radhiallahu anha, the daughter of Abu Bakr radhiallahu anhu. No child was born to the Muslims who emigrated to Madinah for 20 months. Abdullah Ibn Zubair radhiallahu anhu was the first child born to them in 2 AH and brought great joy to them. The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam performed Tahneek (placing something sweet in his mouth) for him.

He performed a lot of Salaah and fasted abundantly. He was a brave warrior, and expert horse rider and very handsome. Ibn Zubair radhiallahu anhu was declared the Governor of Makkah by the Makkans who did not acknowledge Yazeed’s rule. After the battle of Karbala, Ibn Zubair radhiallahu anhu was declared the Khalifa of the Islamic Empire by the people of Makkah, Basra and Egypt. He ruled from 60-73 AH, the only Khalifa ever to rule from Makkah. The only areas that did not come under his rule were Syria and Palestine. The Umayyad ruler Abdul Malik eventually captured most of these areas from Ibn Zubair radhiallahu anhu. In 72 AH Abdul Malik’s troops, under Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf, laid siege to Makkah. They attacked in Ramadaan and continued through Hajj. Many Hujjaj could not complete the Hajj that year. Hajjaj’s troops damaged the Ka’bah in the assault. Due to the long siege, many of Ibn Zubair’s supporters deserted. His mother advised hi to live like a man and die like a man.

Abdullah Ibn Zubair radhiallahu anhu was martyred in 73 AH at the age of 70 while fighting bravely. He was the correct choice for Khalifa after Hasan radhiallahu anhu was martyred. He was the last Sahaabi to rule and lived a life of extreme piety.